Questo City Exploration things to do in vegas with kids.



Vegas is known for its casinos, conferences, and performances of all kinds – but there’s a dark
side to it that tourists don’t know about. Play this city exploration game and dive into Vegas’
seedy underbelly. Follow clues and solve puzzles to learn all about the history of mafia
bosses, gruesome murders, and unexplained suicides…

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Questo is the award-winning platform for city exploration games that lead you to
discover new places and stories while interacting with your environment.
Questo invites you to explore Las Vegas by solving fun challenges and clues in
your immediate surroundings, this way discovering popular and hidden
attractions together with fascinating fun facts and legends about them.
Each game is unique and created around a specific theme, with an exciting
role-playing element, which can be inspired by a movie, a book, a historical fact,
or a local legend.

The Questo city exploration games are perfect for:

  • Couples looking for new things to do together while visiting a new city or the
    one where they live
  • Families with children who are eager to discover cities, learn amazing stories
    and enjoy a fun city activity
  • Groups of friends who are looking for new things to do with their friends

  • Business and solo travelers in search of adventure

Why should you play a Questo city exploration game?

  • Flexible: you can start, pause and restart the game whenever you want

  • Private: explore at your own pace, without depending on the schedule of a
    large group or anyone else
  • Fun: follow clues and solve challenges to discover new places and stories

Our players like to describe the game as a mix of real-world games, treasure
hunts, outdoor escape rooms, interactive tourist apps, city sightseeing tours, a
trip planner, and free walking tours. You can be the judge of that.

Over the past years, Questo has received several awards:

  • Selected as one of the Top 25 Hot Travel Startups 2020 according to

  • Awarded “Best Hospitality Startup of 2019” by the World Tourism Organization,
    part of the United Nations
  • Winner of the People’s Choice Award at Phocuswright Europe 2019, one of the
    top online travel and technology events for travel executives
  • Best travel app of 2019 at the Global Hospitality Awards

  • Winner of the’s Booster Lab 2018

All the games are built either by a local insider, a storyteller, or an experienced
company and include both must-see popular attractions and hidden places
(restaurants with local cuisine, authentic craft workshops, neighbourhood bars,
leisure areas, and many more), that only locals usually know about.


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